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  • I live in Scotland, United Kingdom
  • My occupation is programmer, wiki editor and game developer
  • I am male
  • Fus the Night Fox

    That's a hard one. I really like a lot of music, but I guess I like artists like Shrillex and deadmau5. My favourite song just now would have to be Starships by Nicki Minaj or Slow It Down by Amy MacDonald.

    Pretty much. I'm all for Garth Brooks, but I rarely listen to his songs. I like him and he is one of my idols, but most of his songs are slow and depressing.

    Yes. I have a very strong opinion, whether it be concerning music or otherwise. I do not appreciate people who too strongly express their feelings, but I do feel that there is no reason that they should be expressed in your own way.

    No problem.

    Got a question like this? E mail me, [1], and include any way of contanct, such as Wikia account name, YouTube username or Gmail account.

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  • Fus the Night Fox

    I remember my nursery teachers saying that when I was younger, they had to literally drag me out of the ICT room. It was like I had a fixation with the things. Nowadays, in class, when there's a problem with any of the computers, the teachers and my classmates, even pupils I haven't even noticed, rely on me to fix them. When I grow up, I'd like to get some sort of very high degree in computing. I am particularly taking a liking to programming at the moment, but am still no good with graphic design.

    I really am that bad. I regularly use Paint to make the actual graphic, and use Paint.NET to make it transparent. Sometimes, if I'm going to trace something (let's use a picture of an M60 machine gun as an example), I will use Paint.NET, as it is…

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