What kind of music do you like?

That's a hard one. I really like a lot of music, but I guess I like artists like Shrillex and deadmau5. My favourite song just now would have to be Starships by Nicki Minaj or Slow It Down by Amy MacDonald.

So that's a combination of pop and Dubstep/metal?

Pretty much. I'm all for Garth Brooks, but I rarely listen to his songs. I like him and he is one of my idols, but most of his songs are slow and depressing.

Awesome. I read some of your comments on music videos. You're pretty opinionative!

Yes. I have a very strong opinion, whether it be concerning music or otherwise. I do not appreciate people who too strongly express their feelings, but I do feel that there is no reason that they should be expressed in your own way.

Thank you for answering my questions. Your answers were interesting!

No problem.

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