So, what made you choose ICT out of all the subjects in the world?

I remember my nursery teachers saying that when I was younger, they had to literally drag me out of the ICT room. It was like I had a fixation with the things. Nowadays, in class, when there's a problem with any of the computers, the teachers and my classmates, even pupils I haven't even noticed, rely on me to fix them. When I grow up, I'd like to get some sort of very high degree in computing. I am particularly taking a liking to programming at the moment, but am still no good with graphic design.

You surely can't be that bad at graphic designing?

I really am that bad. I regularly use Paint to make the actual graphic, and use Paint.NET to make it transparent. Sometimes, if I'm going to trace something (let's use a picture of an M60 machine gun as an example), I will use Paint.NET, as it is super-easy to trace with, what with the use of layers and transparency.

Right, so I guess you're not going to be a graphic designer. So what would you like to be, then?

I would definetly like to try and take up programming not just as a hobby, but a living. So, that is pretty much what made me think of making this wiki.

Okay. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

No problem! I hope you find this wiki useful, and I hope that you can help it grow by adding to it!

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